[EN] Payment method

The sums collected by Adagio in respect of the sale of the Publisher's Advertising Spaces will be paid by Adagio to the Publisher reduced by the Commission and technical fees as defined in the contract.

In order to do so, Adagio will send to the Publisher (email used for the creation of the organization), within the first five (5) business days of each month, a call for invoicing concerning the preceding month which will present the sums collected for the Advertising Spaces by Adagio on behalf of the Publisher, the Commission, and the technical fees.

On the invoice, the following billing address should appear:

450 Rue Baden Powel
34000 Montpellier

VAT: FR07820244770

The Publisher will send an invoice to Adagio corresponding to the exact amount of the invoice request. The currency for billing is USD or EUR. Adagio shall have sixty (60) days from the issuance of the invoice by the Publisher within the limit of thirty (30) days after the receipt of Publisher's invoice by Adagio to pay the invoice. If the amount invoiced by the Publisher is not the same as the amount shown on Adagio's call for invoicing, the time periods referred above shall begin upon agreement of the Parties and/or issuance of a new invoice by the Publisher.

In case of payment of the price of the impressions by Adagio Sub Processors in a currency other than Euro or US Dollars, the sums due to the Publisher will be paid based on the monthly's exchange rate on the day of the payment. The amount agreed under the Commission being expressed excluding tax will be increased by the tax in force at the time of the call for invoicing sent by Adagio to the Publisher.