[EN] Consent

Adagio does not directly set a Cookie, but the bidderAdapter loads the external measurement script which itself uses the localStorage.

This external script is hosted on a CloudFlare CDN, it can set a cookie and currently we cannot control this behavior.

On the other hand, the bidderAdapter is compatible with TCF2 and does not load the external script if the consent is not explicit, therefore CloudFlare is not called and no cookie is placed.

In order to have the expected behavior, Prebid.js must be able to correctly interpret the choice recorded in the CMP so that the bidder can understand it in turn.

This requires the use of the gdprEnforcement module.

Be careful to configure the consentManagement key in the configuration of Prebid.js :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 consentManagement: { gdpr: { cmpApi: 'iab', // activates the enforcement module defaultGdprScope: true, // … } }